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Hiking Pacaya Volcano Antigua Guatemala

If you’re looking to get up close and personal with a volcano then you should consider hiking Pacaya Volcano during a visit to Antigua Guatemala.

Not only does Antigua Guatemala boast rich cultural history (it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979), but the city also offers adventure seeking travelers easy access to a plethora of active and inactive volcanoes.

Antigua is most commonly associated with Volcan de Agua which most prominently towers over the city. But there are other active volcanoes nearby that travelers should familiarize themselves with before visiting Antigua.

In this guide I’ll go over everything you need to know in order to have a successful day trek out to Pacaya Volcano.

The hike to Pacaya Volcano was one of my favorite activities we did during my trip to Guatemala and I’m excited to help others get the most out of this experience.

Man standing on rock formation at Pacaya Volcano in GuatemalaPin
My brother posing for a photo on Pacaya Volcano

Be sure to check out the Pacaya Volcano Video Guide I created on YouTube as well which includes tons of really cool footage from our trip. I also have related videos available covering activities to do Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan.

You’ll notice some links and advertisements from partner or affiliate sites throughout this post. I typically earn a small commission on any purchases made through those links at no additional cost to you. If you check those out, great. If not, I’m still happy you’re here!

Where is Pacaya Volcano located?

It can be easily accessed via car from Antigua, Guatemala which is located in Central America. Antigua is approximately one hour by car from Guatemala City which offers international airport access to the area.

If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce your airfare spend be sure to check out my list of cheap flight hacks that I use when traveling.

The volcano is located to the southeast of Antigua. Visitors should budget about 75 minutes to reach the trailhead parking area if departing from Antigua by car.

Pacaya Volcano of GuatemalaPin
Pacaya isn’t visible for much of the hike until you make this corner

For our hike to Pacaya we booked a day trip with OX Expeditions who are based out of Antigua. Our tour departed from their offices which are centrally located in Antigua.

If you’re staying near the square in Antigua as we were you can easily reach the offices by walking. Travelers staying further away can arrange for logistics through OX Expeditions.

The whole experience took about 7 hours and for our tour we chose the morning departure. They also had afternoon offerings if getting up at the butt crack of dawn isn’t your thing!

You’re required to have a registered guide for this hike, which you can hire near the trails entrance. Since you can’t do this one alone, you might as well make arrangements through an Antiguan based company that can also offer a shuttle to the volcano.

Don’t make this one more complicated than it needs to be!

What to expect when hiking to Pacaya Volcano?

The actual hike up to the volcano isn’t too difficult. The journey up from the parking area will take about 90 minutes. The distance of this hike (roundtrip) is about 3.2 miles or 5 kilometers.

The trail is pretty well maintained until you get out onto Pacaya’s lava rock covered hillside. You’ll want to wear sturdy footwear specifically for the latter portion.

Hikers walking up a trail to Pacaya VolcanoPin
Part of the hike is covered by trees – but don’t forget sunscreen!

While the terrain and total distance suggest this hike isn’t too difficult, the steepness and elevation will slow most hikers down. At an elevation of 8,373 ft (2,552 meters) the air will be thin. Be aware of altitude sickness and if you start feeling a headache or dizziness slow down!

I usually don’t use trekking poles for short or flat hikes. But if you do prefer hiking with them – locals will offer large hiking sticks for rent in the parking lot. This can be a great way to save your knees on the journey back down.

The first half of the hike is covered by trees. Meanwhile you’ll enjoy stunning views of the Guatemalan hillsides as you enjoy your volcano hike.

In the distance you’ll be graced with the presence of not one, not two, not three.. but four volcanoes. I’m counting Pacaya in that, but you’ll also be able to see Fuego, Acatenango and Agua as you hike.

Man taking photo of volcano eruption while hiking to Pacaya VolcanoPin
My brother snapping a photo of Fuego erupting in the distance

Once the terrain starts to convert from trees to volcanic rock you’ll encounter a small shack staffed by locals selling snacks and water. If you need to reload on anything, this is the place to do it.

After passing the small store you’ll work out onto mountainside which is covered with loose volcanic rocks (this is where those hiking boots will really come in handy).

Looking for a souvenir? There’s a small shack selling crafts made out of volcanic rocks. Sure, you could just grab one off the ground, I suppose.

But the prices here are reasonable, the crafts more interesting and you’ll be supporting a local in the process. Definitely peruse their offerings while you’re here.

There’s a good chance at this point the wind will have really picked up as you hike out onto Pacaya’s exposed and barren mountainside.

Be sure to pack an extra layer in your hiking day pack for this part of your hike. Otherwise, you’ll be cold and exposed for the best part of the whole experience!

Man taking photo on Pacaya Volcano in GuatemalaPin
It can be extremely windy on Pacaya, you have been warned!

Our guide (via OX Expeditions) brought marshmallows to roast on the volcano! It’s less likely you’ll encounter active lava flows on this hike, but you will stumble across heat vents in the side of Pacaya that are hot enough to roast marshmallows or cook a pizza!

More on the pizza in a minute.

While you probably won’t encounter lava flows, it’s worth mentioning that Pacaya has erupted at least 23 times.

The views from the mountainside are absolutely stunning. There’s a crude hangout area that makes for a great photo op and place to hang out for a bit while you take in the scenery.

Eat a pizza cooked by Pacaya Volcano

Have you ever wanted to eat a pizza cooked by a volcano? Well at Pacaya Volcano you can!

Man checking Pacaya Volcano heat ventPin
A guide showing us one of the heat vents on Pacaya

There’s a local who runs a pizza stand here. He uses heat that escapes through vents in the mountainside to cook the pizza. He’s located near the Guatemalan flag. The single trail leads down to a common area so you can’t miss him.

There was a group of other hikers waiting in line to order so we never got around to having one ourselves.

If you think you’ll try one I suggest heading straight for the make-shift pizza oven right when you see it!

How to prepare for Pacaya Volcano?

When preparing for a trek out to Pacaya Volcano there are a few important things to keep in mind.

At an elevation of 8,373 ft (2,552 meters) the air will be thin. Even though the duration of this hike isn’t too long, it is still possible to feel the effects of altitude sickness. Be careful not to over exert yourself!

Volcanoes of Guatemala as seen from atop Pacaya VolcanoPin
Look closely and you can see a smoke plume from above Volcan Fuego

If you’re staying in nearby Antigua save this hike for the back end of your stay. The elevation above sea level in Antigua is still quite high at 5,253 ft (1,601 meters).

While you’re staying in Antigua your body will slowly start to acclimate to the higher elevations.

The next most important thing to remember is to pack sturdy footwear. You’ll be hiking out onto loose lava rocks, a sprained ankle is the last thing you want out here.

It’s also important to remember to pack enough water, snacks and sunscreen for the hike.

If you find yourself in a pinch there’s a small shop near the volcano that the hiking trail passes. When we visited we were able to grab some water and bananas here.

The last thing to remember is the temperature on this day is going to vary widely. Be sure to dress in layers. It will likely be cold in the morning, extremely windy near the view point and hot by the time you’re hiking back down.

Is there cell phone service at Pacaya Volcano?

There is surprisingly strong cellular service at Pacaya Volcano due to a nearby cell tower. Why not give mom a ring from atop a volcano!

How much does Pacaya Volcano cost?

We used OX Expeditions for our experience. Use the link to check out current pricing, but it’s very reasonable for a 6+ hour excursion.

Our trip with OX was amazing and couldn’t have gone more smoothly. They even offered to pick us up from our Airbnb! We ended up walking to their offices though since we were staying nearby. If you’re staying anywhere near the main square in Antigua their offices should be very reachable on foot.

Group of hikers working down the side of Pacaya VolcanoPin
As you hike around Pacaya you’ll enjoy beautiful views of Antigua’s other volcanoes

They take care of all of the logistics (transportation, entrance tickets, guide) and made the whole experience buttery smooth.

How long does it take to visit Pacaya Volcano?

With driving factored in from Antigua you should budget six to seven hours to visit Volcan Pacaya.

Driving will take about three hours roundtrip. Hiking up the volcano will take about 75 minutes. Coming back down is a bit quicker but be sure to budget plenty of time for the top!

If you’re looking for more information on visiting Antigua be sure to check out my video guide available on YouTube!

Are there bathrooms at Pacaya Volcano?

There are restroom facilities located at the main parking lot.

Once you start onto the trail your only bathroom option will be the great outdoors!

Should I bring any special hiking gear for Pacaya Volcano?

The most important things to bring are hiking boots, water, sunscreen and an extra layer since it can be cold and windy near the lookout area.

The hiking path up from the parking area is well maintained but once you get out to the actual Volcano area the terrain is extremely rocky since it consists primarily of loose lava rocks.

Hikers on Pacaya VolcanoPin
Hikers work down the side of Pacaya Volcano

Since you’ll be off the grid for most of the day when you factor in driving time, don’t forget to pack snacks and water.

When we visited there were locals selling water and snacks near the top, but I’d still suggest you come prepared.

When visiting with OX Expeditions they brought marshmallows to roast, coffee and hot chocolate to enjoy once we reached the viewing area to top off the whole experience!

What is the best time of day to visit Pacaya Volcano?

The best time to visit Pacaya Volcano is either in the morning or early evening. If you’re booking through a tour operator the timing of your visit will be at their discretion. The operator we used had an AM and PM option.

At these altitudes sun exposure can be harsh, so these times will also help you avoid the worst of that!

Is there food at Pacaya Volcano?

Not only is there a snack stand along the trail, but there’s also a local who makes pizzas on Pacaya Volcano.

The best part? He uses heat that pours from vents in the volcano mountainside to cook them! Good luck finding that back home.

Can you buy souvenirs at Pacaya Volcano?

You can and you should my friends.

Once you get out onto the lava rock field you’ll notice a small shack dubbed the Lava Store. Here you can purchase some truly unique souvenirs and support the locals who run the shop!

Souvenir shack at Pacaya VolcanoPin
The volcanic souvenir shack at Pacaya

And if you’re going to purchase a souvenir here, that leads us into my next tip..

Do I need to bring cash to Pacaya Volcano?

I would recommend bringing cash with you. If you don’t have a guide or ticket you will need to purchase those at the park service facilities near the entrance.

Some visitors may want to purchase food or water from the locals along the trail. There’s also a pizza maker on the volcano and souvenir shop. If you want to do any of these things be sure to have some coin in hand!

Do I need a guide to hike Pacaya Volcano?

Visitors attempting the Pacaya Volcano hike are required to have a certified guide accompanying them.

I would recommend booking a tour company from Antigua that can handle all of the logistics as well as provide a guide. Otherwise I have read that guides are available for hire near the entrance.

Please keep in mind if you arrive without your own hired guide you do so at your own risk!

How long is the Pacaya Volcano hike?

The Pacaya Volcano hike is 3.2 miles (or about 5 km). While relatively short, the trail steepness and altitude will make it more challenging.

At an elevation of 8,373 ft (2,552 meters) the air will be thin. Visitors who haven’t hiked at high altitudes before should be careful not to over exert themselves and be aware of altitude sickness.

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Is the Pacaya Volcano hike safe?

Yes! Our guide said the government (or some local authority) monitors for seismic activity in the area and would be able to alert hikers if something were to happen.

Couple posing for a photo during their hike up Pacaya VolcanoPin
There are so many great spots to stop during your hike up Pacaya Volcano to take photos

The trail is well maintained and there aren’t any dangerous drops.

The length should prevent too many issues, but be careful not to over exert yourself since you’ll be hiking at high altitudes. Don’t let altitude sickness ruin what should be a bucket list worthy adventure.

Hopefully you found this Pacaya Volcano guide helpful for planning your trip to Antigua Guatemala!

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