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Travel Agent Services

Are you in the market for a travel agent? Whether you’re just looking for assistance booking the perfect hotel or maybe you need a 10 day itinerary with activities, museum recommendations and restaurant reservations, I can help you get to where you’re going!

I’ve visited and planned trips to over 25 individual countries and along the way I’ve learned firsthand things to avoid and what to keep an eye out for when trip planning.

Man taking a selfie on a canoe in the middle of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park Canada
Canoeing on Moraine Lake was a highlight of our trip to Banff National Park, Canada

If you want to learn more about my story and how I turned my passion for travel into a living, you can read more about Travel With Wes here. Or check out my featured bio on Canvas Rebel!

Customized itineraries for any adventure level

While I’ve done my fair share of beach vacationing to beautiful resorts across the Caribbean, I also have extensive experience planning detailed adventure itineraries.

Man taking selfie at Humantay Lake, Peru
Humantay Lake, Peru on a rainy, moody morning

Interested in hiring porters to help you hike 4 days across the Andes Mountains of Peru to Machu Picchu? Or maybe you’d rather spend two weeks road tripping across the South Coast of Iceland in a camper van. Want to chase the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle? I can plan your trip from experience!

If you’ve got a bucket list adventure in mind I can help turn your dream into a reality. I’ll help plan your trip with the same level of expertise and attention to detail that I put into my own adventures!

What are the benefits of booking with a travel agent?

Booking with a travel agent means you’ll benefit from personalized recommendations from a travel expert. Not only that but you’ll be eligible to receive preferred perks and amenities from the hotel which are only accessible through an advisor. You can check out my profile with Fora Travel here.

Hotels give a higher priority to travel advisors for upgrades, perks, late check-outs, early check-ins and more. It’s like automatically receiving elevated status wherever you stay!

Receiving personalized service from a travel advisor means we’ll dig into things beyond just comparing price and hotel aesthetics.

We’ll consider things like access to public transportation, proximity to your planned activities and distance from the airport when booking your accommodations. The lowest priced hotel on paper doesn’t always result in the lowest total trip cost.

Man posing for photo in front of Cliffs of Moher

I have plenty of experience weighing these factors against each other.

Running this Travel Blog also means I’ve published tons of useful guides on things like trip planning tips, day hike checklists and how to save on airfare when booking your flights.

Tapping into my experience and knowledge in all of these areas will help you have the best trip possible, save money and avoid common travel pitfalls! In case you’re wondering, all of the images on this website are my personal photography from trips I’ve taken.

Travel Services Pricing

Below you’ll find pricing for the various travel advisory services that I offer. If you have a request that doesn’t quite fit into these buckets, shoot me a message and we can figure out a solution!

Hiker in black coat posing in a blue ice cave
Exploring the Ice Caves of Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland

All packages include a phone consultation to discuss your specific travel needs. These will vary in length depending on your specific needs and which package you select.

Basic Travel Advisory Package: Hotel, resort and cruise bookings

Free! As a travel agent I earn commissions on hotel bookings that are embedded in the prices that hotels charge. Not only that, but you’ll often be eligible for bonus perks and upgrades just for using a travel agent!

Airfare Service Package: Add on flight research & booking assistance

Not a fan of researching and booking flights? Ask me about my flight booking assist service and you’ll barely lift a finger! This service starts at $125 (for 1-2 travelers) and can be upgraded to help you book more complicated flight itineraries (things like multi-city and tickets across different airlines).

If you choose this service tier from the start, I’ll help you figure out the best departure and return dates for your trip so you can get the best prices on flights!

Concierge Itinerary Package: Fully customized and booked travel itineraries

My favorite package for the traveler looking for the ultimate vacation without having to put in the ultimate effort! It’s also great for travelers interested in less conventional vacation destinations (Northern Lights group trip anyone?)

The Concierge Itinerary Package includes custom day by day itineraries to ensure you make the most of your precious travel time. If you’re located around Cincinnati, we can also meet up over a cup of coffee in lieu of a phone consultation if you’d prefer.

With this custom package I’ll help you research, choose, and book activities to enjoy during your trip. I can even help you research things like restaurants, coffee shops, bars and more!

Two men taking photos at Machu Picchu
Arriving early before the mobs of tourist make it easy to grab a few photos in front of Machu Picchu

I’ve planned trips like a two week camper van road trip across south Iceland with glacier visits, a 4 day trek through the Andes Mountains of Peru to visit Machu Picchu, volcano hikes in Guatemala, Arctic whale safaris and more! There’s no limit to what we could come up with.

Man taking photo on Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala
Taking in the views from Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

This is a great package when you don’t have a specific destination or activity in mind or you’re looking for a more complex travel adventure.

Since these itineraries can vary widely in terms of trip specifics and duration, submit the contact form below and we’ll schedule a call to discuss and eventually land on a custom quote.

Let’s get in touch to discuss your travel needs

Use the form below to get in touch. Don’t forget to provide me some basic information about the trip and which service tier you have in mind using the comment box. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can!

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