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Guided Banff Vacation Package (Travel to Alberta, Canada)

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Located in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park has become a Mecca for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Ever since my first visit to Banff I’ve been in love with this place. It’s home to some of the best hiking in North America, but also offers a ton of less intense activities that help round out your trip.

I’ll be your dedicated guide and photographer on this small group trip as we explore my favorite viewpoints and hiking trails within the park.

Please note that while the itinerary for this trip is hiking forward, you are also free to come and go from the group activities as much as you’d like!

As this trip has garnered a lot of interest from my existing clients and followers, I’ve decided to offer multiple dates so that I can accommodate everyone (keep reading for trip dates).

About the trip

This small group guided vacation package to Banff National Park will be limited to 22 travelers.

The trip will include six nights / seven days of hotel accommodations located at the luxurious 4-star Rimrock Resort which is located in the town of Banff.

Airport transfers and roundtrip transportation for all activities is included in the cost. The cost for all organized activities is also included in the cost.

Breakfast each morning is included in the cost, as well as one three course dinner at the Rimrock Resort.

You’ll have a dedicated guide for the entire trip (that’s me!) and our group will utilize a completely private mini coach and professional driver to get around.

If you’ve never visited Banff before, driving and parking can be a bit of a nightmare since many of the parking lots fill up, shut down, or are completely restricted from personal vehicle access.

But if you Travel with Wes, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems! All of the logistics will already be taken care of so you can focus on enjoying your hard earned vacation.

While each day includes a core group activity. My goal is to fill about 50% of your time each day with a great group activity, while still leaving you plenty of time to explore on your own.

If you have a desire to purchase an activity outside of the group itinerary (such as golfing at the Fairmont Banff Springs), no problem! Let me know and I’ll do my best to help you coordinate and to decide on which group activity to forgo.

Receive Trip Notifications & Updates

If you’re interested in visiting Guatemala but not yet ready to commit, use the form below to signup for email updates!

Please note that many of the group activities will require an early wake up (circa 6am) to ensure you’re up in time for breakfast and ready to board the shuttle.

Most of the areas that we will visit (such as Moraine Lake or Lake Louise) are around a 1 hour drive from the town of Banff.

We will generally target early morning arrivals so that we can enjoy these places before they’re overrun with crowds later in the day.

A little bit about Banff and the National Park

Banff National Park is located in the Alberta Province of Canada, along the Rocky Mountains. If you followed the Rockies north from Colorado, beyond Montana, you’d eventually hit the park boundaries.

Banff is not only the name of the National Park, but also the town that we’ll be staying.

To reach Banff you’ll fly into Calgary International Airport. From there your pre-arranged shuttle transfer will be ready to whisk you off to our accommodations in town. It takes about 2 hours to reach the hotel from the airport.

a street with buildings and treesPin
Downtown Banff is pedestrian friendly and the streets are lined with tons of shops and restaurants

The Rimrock Resort, where we’ll be staying, is located on the outskirts of town near the Sulphur Mountain Gondola.

There’s a free shuttle for all hotel guests that comes every 30 minutes which will take you into town (it’s only a 5-10 minute drive into the heart of town).

The town of Banff is extremely walkable and home to a large number of shops, restaurants and bars. It’s a really fun area to wind down after spending your morning or afternoon out hiking and exploring what the National Park has to offer.

The Rimrock Resort also offers a ton of fun activities as well. Whether you’re interested in a game of tennis, a wellness day at the spa or an e-bike rental, the resort is a great place to fill out your remaining vacation time!

What are the trip dates?

I’m really excited to be able to offer multiple sets of dates for my guided Banff vacation package.

The first set of dates is arriving on July 13th, 2025 and departing on July 19th, 2025.

The second set of dates is arriving on July 20th, 2025 and departing on July 26th, 2025.

If these dates don’t work for your travel plans, stay tuned. I may open up dates in August 2025 if there’s enough demand for July!

Flights are not included in the total trip cost, but I’m happy to assist any trip participants with choosing flight options.


After arriving in the Calgary International Airport, you'll locate your pre arranged transfer through Brewster Express that will take you directly to our hotel.

It will take about 2 hours to reach the town of Banff and your accommodations at the Rimrock Resort.

If you can, I'd aim to land in Calgary between 1pm and 2pm so that your room will be ready upon arriving in Banff (4pm check in).

Walking bridge over a blue riverPin

Walking bridge through the center of Banff, Canada

Today's only organized activity is the Banff Gondola, which takes you to the top of Sulphur Mountain.

The gondola is located within steps of our resort, so getting there and back is a breeze.

We'll time our visit with sunset so I'd suggest grabbing dinner at the resort or in town beforehand.

There's also a restaurant atop Sulphur Mountain called the Sky Bistro where you can make reservations for dinner up to 90 days in advance.

After enjoying sunset from atop Sulphur Mountain, it will be time to turn in and get a good nights rest!

During our first full day in Banff we'll get our boots dirty and head out on a hike through Johnston Canyon to the Ink Pots.

This is a moderate difficulty hike that goes for 7 miles (11.2 kilometers) and will take most guests between 4 and 5 hours to complete including a break at the Ink Pots.

a group of people standing on a bridge with a waterfallPin

The waterfall viewing areas in Johnston Canyon will be heavily overcrowded later in the day, be sure to arrive early!

Along the way we'll hike on a suspended trail through Johnston Canyon that takes us up close with some really awesome waterfalls.

We'll arrive early in the morning (this will be a theme for this trip) to avoid the crowds that accumulate here by mid morning.

a group of people sitting by a pond with trees and mountains in the backgroundPin

There are tons of places to sit and relax once you reach the Johnston Canyon Ink Pots


Once we reach the Ink Pots, this will be a great place to stop for a snack and to rest your feet before heading back.

a pond with a circle in itPin

The Ink Pots are unique geological formations created by mineral springs located below the surface


This is a nice hike to start your trip with as your body works to acclimate to the higher elevation of Banff National Park.

a lake surrounded by treesPin

The Johnston Canyon hike eventually leads to the Ink Pot geological formations


The town of Banff itself sits at 4,537 feet (1383 meters) and most of the hikes will take you even higher than that!

After we're done exploring Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots we'll be dropped off back in town or at the Rimrock so you can spend the afternoon and evening exploring town.

Restaurant with outdoor seating and four umbrellas out frontPin

Be sure to check out my favorite restaurant in Banff, Three Bears Brewery


If you're looking for a recommendation on where to grab dinner tonight, consider making your way over to Three Bears Brewery which is my favorite spot in down for great food and drinks!

On day three we'll enjoy what is widely considered one of the most scenic drives in the world as we explore the Icefields Parkway.

Peyto Lake and Peyto Glacier panoramaPin

The viewpoint is amazing during the summer, but I'd love to come back and see it during the winter!


During the drive out we'll make a stop at the Peyto Lake Upper Viewpoint, which is one of the most incredible viewpoints you'll encounter throughout Banff National Park.

Our primary goal for today is to reach the Columbia Icefield where we'll ride out onto the glacial ice and have an opportunity to explore by foot.

During our visit you'll also have the opportunity to take in views of the Sunwapta Valley from the Skywalk.

a person in a boat on a lake with trees and mountains in the backgroundPin

A single canoe makes its way across the turquoise waters of Bow Lake


On the way back we'll also make a quick pit stop to take in views of Bow Lake, another one of the Icefields Parkway's most popular viewpoints.

This will be a full day of activities and we'll return to Banff in the evening, in time to grab a late dinner back in town.

On our fourth day we'll get an early start and head out for the most iconic stop in all of Banff National Park, Moraine Lake.

a man and woman standing on rocks by a lakePin

There are plenty of great spots to take a photograph near Moraine Lake


It's essential to arrive here early in the morning.

Not only does the soft morning light make for great photo opportunities, but we'll also avoid the worst of the crowds that start to accumulate here later in the day.

Hikers resting at Sentinel Pass in Banff National ParkPin

Don't forget to pack a sandwich and salty snacks to enjoy once you reach Sentinel Pass!


For those joining me on the group hike, we'll set out for Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass.

This activity will take between four and five hours but will reward you with one of the most exclusive views in all of Banff.

From atop Sentinel Pass you'll enjoy a picture perfect view of the Valley of Ten Peaks, framed by Larch Valley below.

Hiker posing atop Sentinel Pass in Banff National ParkPin

Having access to downloaded trail maps via AllTrails is always a smart decision!


On the other side of the pass, you'll be able to look down into the rugged terrain of Paradise Valley. This is a great spot to stop and enjoy a snack before heading back to the lake.

If you're looking for an easier hiking alternative to Sentinel Pass, I'd suggest setting out for Consolation Lake instead.

a person standing on rocks in front of a mountainPin


This hike is shorter, has less elevation gain, and leads you to a large rockfall that you can try your luck scrambling across.

After your activity of choice I'd suggest making your way back to Moraine Lake and either hopping in the water for a quick cold plunge or renting a canoe and getting out on the water.

a man in a boat with a thumbs up in front of a lakePin

Canoeing on Moraine Lake was a highlight of our trip to Banff National Park


Once we're done at Moraine Lake we'll head back to our resort where you can enjoy the late afternoon and evening at your own pace.

A lot of people who visit Banff miss out on our day five activity, which is to spend an afternoon hitting the highlights in Yoho National Park.

Yoho is just as close as many of Banff National Parks top attractions, but it's often overlooked by visitors since it's technically a different Canadian National Park.

Our first stop of the day will be Emerald Lake. There's a really nice nature loop around the lake that you can walk around to take in views of the area.

Group swimming in a turquoise lakePin

Emerald Lake is considered one of the best swimming spots in the Canadian Rockies!


Alternatively you might choose to spend your time here taking a dip in the icy water. All of the lakes in Banff are cold, but it's worth taking the plunge at least once during our trip!

If jumping into the icy cold water isn't your cup of tea, this is another great place to consider renting a canoe. I'd suggest renting a canoe at least once during our trip.

canoe on a mountain lakePin

Emerald Lake is a great place to canoe in Yoho National Park


There's also a picture perfect cafe set out on the lake. This is a great spot to grab a snack or a drink while you soak up the views!

After relaxing at Emerald Lake we'll make a quick stop at the Natural Bridge.

Once we're finished at the Natural Bridge viewing area we'll make a quick pit stop in the town of Field to stock up on food before heading over to Takakkaw Falls.

Large waterfall above a walking bridgePin

Views leading up to Takakkaw Falls during our early September visit to the park


This impressive waterfall is the second tallest in Canada. The path will take you up close to the base of the falls which makes for an epic photo op, just be prepared to get wet!

People posing at Takakkaw Falls, British ColumbiaPin

Be prepared to share the area with other visitors hoping to take the perfect photo!


The area surrounding the falls is really scenic and lets you get up close with the Yoho River and Takakkaw Creek.

Yoho National Park views of Takakkaw CreekPin

Views of Takakkaw Creek and the surrounding landscape near the falls


This will be our last stop in Yoho National Park before making our way over to Lake Minnewanka for a late afternoon cruise on the lake.

Once we've wrapped up at Lake Minnewanka the shuttle will return us to the resort and you'll be able to spend the rest of your evening exploring town or relaxing at the resort!

We've arguably saved the best stop for last! Today we'll get an early start and head out for Lake Louise.

Man taking photo in front of Lake Louise, Banff National ParkPin

You'll have an opportunity to experience Lake Louise up close before starting your Big Beehive hike


This is one of the most iconic spots in all of Banff National Park and once you reach the lakeshore for yourself, I'm sure you'll see why.

The water color lives up to the hype of the photos you've seen, and I'd argue is even more vibrant in person.

Lake Louise with mountains and clouds in the skyPin

There are tons of great places to photograph Lake Louise from the lakeshore


For those joining me on today's hike, we have an action packed set of stops on the agenda.

We'll start off heading for Mirror Lake, which sits near the base of the Big Beehive. This is a great spot to take our first break of the hike and enjoy a quick snack before pressing on for the Lake Agnes Tea House

Cloudy lake reflection with hiker standing in foregroundPin

Cloudy conditions helped create this incredible reflection shot of Lake Agnes


The Tea House is only accessible by foot, but despite this it can become quite busy later in the day. We'll have had an early start in an attempt to beat the crowds.

We'll stop here for a quick cup of tea while taking in views of Lake Agnes.

Wide angle view of a turquoise lake with mountains and trees framing it in the centerPin

Utilize the panorama photo setting on your smart phone to take a super wide photo like this of Lake Louise


After enjoying your tea we'll make the push for the Big Beehive viewpoint, which is one of the best in all of Banff National Park.

Views of Lake Louise from atop the Big BeehivePin

We thoroughly enjoyed our hiking throughout Banff National Park during a September visit


The viewpoint puts us in a position to enjoy a Birds Eye view of Lake Louise. We'll be so high up that canoes gliding across the lake look like tiny ants!

If you've had your fill of hiking for the day, you can elect to head back for the starting point after this stop. That will clock your day in at about 7 miles (11 km) of hiking.

Views along the Big Beehive hike in CanadaPin

There's quite a bit of steep and rugged terrain on this hike so make sure your furry friend is up for it


For those looking to hit one more stop, we'll add another 3 miles (5 km) to our day and hit the Plain of Six Glaciers on our return route.

If you've decided to turn back early from the longer hiking options, this is another great opportunity to rent a canoe and get out on the water.

Lake Louise Lakeshore, Banff National ParkPin

Once you complete your descent you can rest and recover by soaking up views of Lake Louise


Alternatively, you can have a snack or drink at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise while soaking up views of the Victoria Glacier.

Once we're finished at Lake Louise we'll head back for Banff. From here you'll be free to enjoy the rest of your afternoon around the resort or exploring Banff.

On day seven the group will disperse and start making the journey back to Calgary to catch their flights home.

The shuttle service we use should take you about two hours to reach the airport (but I'd budget at least an extra 30 minutes, just in case).

There are multiple shuttles available so you'll be able to select the option that works best for your flights scheduled departure time.

What’s included?

  • 6 nights of 4-star hotel accommodations at the luxurious Rimrock Resort in Banff
  • Breakfast every morning at the hotel (6)
  • Three course dinner at the Rimrock (1)
  • Roundtrip airport transfers from Calgary International Airport to the Rimrock Resort
  • Roundtrip transportation to all group activities outlined in the itinerary
  • Admission into Banff National Park and Yoho National Park
  • Banff Gondola Admission
  • Lake Minnewanka Boat Tour
  • Columbia Icefields Adventure
  • Columbia Skywalk Access

What’s not included?

Cost and Payment Options

The total trip cost for this Guided Banff Vacation Package is $3,950 per person. Prices are based on double occupancy per room.

You are required to make a $500 deposit to reserve your space on the trip.

Deposits are refundable for 7 days after booking, less a 3% transaction fee. Deposits are non-refundable if made within 90 days of the trip date.

If you have a promotional code or partner offer please be sure to mention it when submitting your inquiry for the trip and it will be deducted from your final total.

I accept credit card payment via Chase Pay, check, Zelle or Venmo.

The full trip payment is due 90 days before the stated trip arrival date. The cost is non-refundable which is why I highly recommend you book flexible airfare and insure your trip which you can do here.

This will help protect you from unforeseen circumstances that could cause you to change your travel plans.

Submit your contact information to start reserving your spot!

To start reserving your spot on this trip, submit the below contact form and I’ll be in touch to answer any questions you have.

As a reminder, spaces are limited and the only way to guarantee your spot is by submitting your deposit!

Exploring Banff National Park is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list to experience at least once in their lifetime.

The Guided Banff Vacation Package that I offer is the perfect way to do this without having to spend countless hours researching and planning your trip.

Hiker taking photo atop the Big Beehive in BanffPin

If you’d like to discuss the trip in greater detail, I’m also available to take calls to answer any questions you might have. Just mention that in the comments when you submit your form.

I’ll see you in Canada!

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