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Lake Irene Rocky Mountain National Park

Look no further than the Lake Irene picnic area and trail for a great relaxing afternoon spot when visiting Rocky Mountain National Park during your trip to Colorado.

This is a great stop if you’ve already completed a longer hike and want something a little more relaxing planned for later in the day.

One thing I love about Rocky Mountain National Park is that it offers visitors a wide range of hikes for guests of all ability levels.

Lake Irene Colorado Rocky Mountain National ParkPin
A short stroll down from the parking lot, past the lake, will lead you to an overlook perched atop a grassy field

In this post we’ll discuss where to find Lake Irene and whether or not it should be a fit for your Rocky Mountain itinerary.

Don’t forget that Rocky Mountain National Park is now on the timed entry reservation system during peak season (end of May through early October). If you don’t have a reservation be sure to head over to to lock that in!

If you aren’t familiar with that system – do not fear! I’ve put together a post highlighting how to get through the reservation process along with other useful tips. Check out my National Park Timed Entry Guide here!

Once you’re finished reading this guide, be sure to check out the Rocky Mountain National Park Video Guide I put together over on my YouTube channel. It includes tons of great footage I shot during my visit throughout the park.

You’ll notice some links and advertisements from partner or affiliate sites throughout this post. I typically earn a small commission on any purchases made through those links at no additional cost to you. If you check those out, great. If not, I’m still happy you’re here!

Where is the Lake Irene picnic area and trail located?

Lake Irene sits on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park making it one of the locations more easily accessed by visitors coming from the Grand Lake area, as opposed to Estes Park.

From Grand Lake budget about 30 minutes of driving along Trail Ridge Road to reach Lake Irene.

If you’re coming from Estes Park your journey will be closer to 45 minutes.

Lake Irene in Colorado Rocky MountainsPin
Lake Irene is one of Rocky Mountain’s less popular, but still beautiful mountain lakes

While this stop sits closer to Grand Lake, I’d still recommend booking your hotel in Estes Park since that provides easier access to Bear Lake Corridor which is home to many of Rocky Mountain’s top attractions.

However, Grand Lake does offer cheaper hotel options which can be nice if you’re traveling on a budget.

You can read about visiting Bear Lake by checking out our full post on the subject here!

What to expect when visiting Lake Irene Colorado?

After a morning full of driving and hiking our way around the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain, Lake Irene was a welcome wind down to our day.

We visited in the afternoon as we traveled west from Estes Park towards Grand Lake.

Our plan on this particular day was to drive the length of the park, have dinner in Grand Lake (we had never been!) and then head back to Denver to check in to a hotel near the airport before dropping our rental car and flying out the next morning.

Speaking of rental cars, don’t forget that during summer season vehicle rental prices will soar if you wait until the last minute to book. You can use tools like Rentalcars to compare different rental agency prices to help ensure you get the best deal!

Woman hiking in Rocky Mountain National ParkPin
The Lake Irene trail is short and offers some cover for visitors along the way

Finding a parking spot was easy, which was a welcome relief after dealing with crowds at the Alpine Visitor Center earlier that day and crowds in the Bear Lake Corridor the prior couple of days.

Visitors will find grills, picnic tables and restroom facilities at the parking lot.

Woman taking in mountain views in ColoradoPin
We missed out on spotting wildlife, be sure to try your look at the overlook!

A short stroll (10 minutes, if that) will lead you down from the parking area to the path that wraps around the lake.

There were a half dozen or so visitors hanging out near the lake, some having picnics while others were just taking in the beautiful afternoon weather.

If you continue on another 10 minutes you’ll reach an overlook that sits over a large grassy field.

We briefly chatted with a park ranger near the parking lot who mentioned this is a popular area for spotting wildlife.

The views from the overlook were beautiful but sadly we didn’t encounter any wildlife along the way!

Where should I park for the Lake Irene picnic area?

The parking situation at Lake Irene, while limited, shouldn’t pose an issue for visitors.

While beautiful in its own right, Lake Irene plays second fiddle to most of Rocky Mountain National Park’s other attractions. This means fewer tourists!

Lake Irene Overlook Rocky Mountain National ParkPin
What to expect at the Lake Irene overlook

Take advantage of this to enjoy some time away from the crowds that you’ll find in other areas of the park.

Parking spaces here are limited, but should turn over fairly quickly considering a stroll around the lake and to the overlook should only take about 30 minutes.

Is there cell phone service at Lake Irene Colorado?

Like other areas of Rocky Mountain National Park expect cell phone service here to be spotty.

The high points of the park (around the Alpine Visitor Center) offer better opportunities to catch a signal in a pinch.

Is there a fee to visit the Lake Irene picnic area?

There isn’t a fee specific to accessing Lake Irene. The Rocky Mountain National Park entry pass and timed entry reservation are all you need to access Lake Irene. You can check out current rates at the National Park Service’s website.

How long does it take to visit Lake Irene Colorado?

If you’re looking to visit Lake Irene from Estes Park you’re probably looking at a 45 minute drive. This distance will be shorter for anyone coming from Grand Lake (30 minutes or so).

Once you park I’d budget 30-45 minutes for strolling around the lake to the nearby overlook. The overlook sits above an open field that has a reputation for wildlife sightings. Keep your fingers crossed!

Budget additional time if you plan to stop here for lunch.

Are dogs allowed at the Lake Irene picnic area and trail?

Sadly, pets are not allowed at Lake Irene. While your pet is welcome to enter Rocky Mountain National Park, don’t expect to take them with you on a stroll along Lake Irene or any of the other trails. Pets are only welcome around parking lots and certain campgrounds.

Are there bathrooms at the Lake Irene picnic area?

Visitors will find easily accessible bathrooms at the Lake Irene parking lot.

What is the best time of day to visit Lake Irene Colorado?

You can visit Lake Irene at any point during the day since you don’t have to fight for a parking spot or be too worried about the weather given the short duration of this trail.

Keep in mind it’s not uncommon for Rocky Mountain National Park to experience afternoon thunderstorms during the summer months.

If you attempt a longer hike such as Emerald Lake in the morning (you will pass Bear, Nymph and Dream Lakes on the way out) then visiting Lake Irene makes for a great afternoon wind down activity.

Do I need hiking gear for the Lake Irene trail?

Hiking gear isn’t necessary for Lake Irene given the short distance. Just don’t forget to pack a lunch as Lake Irene makes for a great afternoon picnic stop!

But chances are if you’re visiting Rocky Mountain National Park you’ll be doing some hiking. If you’re doing some hiking you’ll want to have the right gear handy in order to have the best experience possible.

For your convenience I’ve put together an extremely thorough hiking checklist to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

If you’re planning to hike to Emerald Lake that packing list will prove especially useful. I also put together a YouTube video highlighting what to know before attempting the the Emerald Lake Trail that’s worth checking out.

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There’s one mistake you cannot afford to make when visiting US National Parks. Showing up without a timed entry reservation is a surefire way to blow up what should be an otherwise stress free day exploring some of Americas most beautiful destinations.

If the park you’re visiting requires timed entry be sure to check out this guide.

Fortunately – I’ve put together a guide walking you through that process. I also provide useful tips on how to get the best time slots and what to do if you find yourself without a reservation.

You can access my Timed Entry Reservation Guide here!

Bear Lake Corridor views of Hallet's Peak in Rocky Mountain National ParkPin
Bear Lake offers stunning mountain backdrop views

For a list of other fun activities be sure to check out my list of top things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park. That guide will include some places I mentioned in this post, as well as the Tundra Communities Trail, Old Fall River Road, Chasm Falls and more.

If you’re interested in a list of my best things to know before visiting RMNP you can check out a video guide for that subject on my YouTube channel.

Hopefully this post helped you get a better feel for what to expect when visiting the Lake Irene picnic area and trail in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park!

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