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Enjoy a Husky Hike in Tromso Norway

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Did you know that in Tromso, Norway you can book a guided husky hike? Yes, you heard right, you can explore the Arctic Circle with a beautiful husky by your side!

I spent five days in Tromso and my visit to Villmarkssenter, renowned for its dogsledding and husky hikes, was a huge highlight of my trip.

As a dog lover, this was a unique experience unlike anything I’ve encountered elsewhere during my travels.

It was my first time venturing into the Arctic Circle, and I was fortunate to share this adventure with Sjakk, a two year old female husky who was my companion for the hike.

Couple enjoying a husky hike in Tromso Norway
Sjakk was all smiles after she got picked to be our companion for the day!

The dogs are well trained, super friendly and love to be taken out on long snowy treks. I think Sjakk might’ve had more fun than we did if I’m being honest!

And don’t worry about the chill, Villmarkssenter has you covered with warm gear available, including rubber boots, to make sure you have a great experience.

Arctic Twilight during a husky hike in Tromso Norway
During mid-November, the days are short which means lots of colorful skies

Post-hike, you’ll have the chance to meet other sled dogs, play with adorable puppies, and enjoy a hot lunch before being shuttled back to Tromso. 

Ready to embark on this adventure? In this blog post, I’ll cover everything you should know when planning a husky hike with Villmarkssenter. Along the way I’ll be sharing with you some of the photos I took of the snowy landscapes and beautiful pups we met!

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Where is the Villmarkssenter husky hike located?

The Villmarkssenter husky hike takes place in the breathtaking Arctic Circle, specifically in Northern Norway and southwest of Tromso.

To get there, you’ll take a short 30 minute shuttle ride from downtown Tromso which is included in your reservation.

Husky hike facility in northern Norway
A short shuttle ride from Tromso will lead you to Villmarkssenter’s facility

Since transportation is included, it means you won’t need to rent a car, arrange transportation or navigate roads that are usually covered in snow and ice during the winter months to reach this activity.

Although you won’t need a vehicle for this particular activity, you still might want to consider browsing car rental options for your trip if you plan to hunt the Northern Lights.

Where should I stay when visiting Tromso?

From hotels to home rentals, you’ll find plenty of options available in central Tromso. During my visit, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Tromso, which is conveniently located along the water near the city center. 

One of the advantages of staying at the Radisson Blu Tromso is that the Villmarkssenter husky hike departs directly from the hotel. 

Boats in the Tromso Norway harbor area
Views of the Tromso harbor area

This means that you can practically roll out of bed and onto the shuttle the morning of your experience. Which is particularly nice if you were out late the prior evening chasing Northern Lights!

You can browse deals on other hotels in Tromso with TripAdvisor.

What types of activities do they offer at Villmarkssenter?

At Villmarkssenter, there are several activity options, all centered around your interaction with the huskies. 

The experiences offered vary with the changing seasons, but each one guarantees an unforgettable encounter with these beautiful dogs.

During the winter season, when deeper snow blankets the Arctic landscape, Villmarkssenter offers dogsledding experiences.

Man enjoying husky hike in Tromso Norway
Trudging through the snow is easy when your husky is doing part of the work!

During summer and shoulder season, the husky hike option is the way to go. This activity allows you to explore the stunning scenery of the Arctic on foot, with a husky tugging you along.

Villmarkssenter also offers an Aurora husky experience option. This is another great option for dog lovers as you’ll enjoy time with the dogs as you wait for the Northern Lights to make an appearance!

What should I know when planning a husky hike?

First and foremost, you’ll be interacting with a lot of dogs. These huskies are extremely friendly and well-trained, but if you’re not comfortable around dogs, this might not be the activity for you.

Man holding an Alaskan husky in Tromso Norway
The huskies are so friendly, Sjakk even let me hold her during our break

Dressing appropriately is also crucial to having a fun experience. Even on chilly afternoons, you might get hot during your hike. It’s important to dress in layers so you can regulate your body temperature.

Remember, you’re likely to spend a few hours outside in the cold, so it’s essential to check the weather before heading out on your activity!

Also, I’d suggest bringing a small backpack with you. This will allow you to store light snacks, water, and personal items like your wallet and keys securely during your hike.

Do I need any special hiking gear for the husky hike?

When embarking on the husky hike, it’s crucial to be well-prepared with appropriate gear. If you’re visiting during a time when there’s snow on the ground, waterproof boots are recommended.

Woman taking a husky for a hike in the Arctic Circle
Being properly equipped will ensure a smooth husky hike experience

Villmarkssenter has insulated waterproof rubber boots available to rent which are a must for this experience unless you’ve brought your own pair.

Also, don’t forget your sunglasses. When there’s snow on the ground it can reflect sunlight making it difficult to see at times.

Wearing a moisture-wicking base layer is also a smart move. You’ll likely alternate between feeling hot and cold during the hike, and you don’t want to be sweaty in freezing temperatures.

Consider checking out my hiking checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything at home that could make your experience more enjoyable.

How long is the husky hike activity?

The hiking portion lasts for about 90 minutes, although the duration can vary depending on the season, weather, and the amount of snow on the ground.

You will take a few short breaks during the hike, including a longer break at the halfway point, where you can learn more about the huskies from your knowledgeable guides.

Alaskan Husky in Tromso Norway
Risotto was staring down visitors trying to earn some belly rubs

What is the best time of year to visit Tromso for husky experiences?

The beauty of visiting Tromso is that there is a husky-related activity available regardless of the season.

Arctic sunset in Tromso Norway
A mid-November visit means sunrise and sunset are just a few hours apart

Your timing will, however, dictate the type of experiences you can pick from. As someone who visited in mid-November, I can personally attest to the magic of a late autumn husky hike. 

If you’re interested in a more traditional dog sledding experience, you’ll want to visit later in the season, ideally December or later.

This is when there’s typically enough snow for the huskies to pull sleds. The dark winter skies are also a great time to book one of the Aurora related experiences.

But don’t limit yourself to thinking that husky hikes are only a winter activity. Villmarkssenter offers husky hikes outside of winter as well. The summer months present an entirely different, yet equally enchanting, Arctic landscape.

Do I need a reservation to visit Villmarkssenter?

When planning your visit to Villmarkssenter, it’s important to know that a reservation is required. 

Furthermore, husky activities aren’t always offered every day of the week, so advanced planning is critical.

Two huskies waiting for their hike in the Arctic
There are limited spaces (and huskies) and this activity is prone to selling out

To avoid disappointment, make your reservation well in advance!

You can make reservations directly with Villmarkssenter at their website.

How long does the husky hike activity take to complete?

The entire husky hike experience takes about 5 hours to complete, including roundtrip transportation from Tromso.

Husky hike guide teaching guests on procedures
You’ll receive a brief on how to hook up your belt and handle your husky

During this time you’ll receive a brief on how to handle your husky, enjoy your hike, have a delicious hot lunch and spend time playing with husky puppies!

If you’re interested in other activities offered by Villmarkssenter, such as dogsledding, keep in mind that these experiences can take longer to complete.

Dogsledding adventures, for example, can last up to 8 hours or more, depending on the specific package chosen. 

How much does it cost to do the husky hike?

The cost of this unique Arctic adventure is approximately $130 USD per person, but it’s always a good idea to check the Villmarkssenter website for the most current rates.

Woman petting huskies after her husky hike in Tromso Norway
The opportunity to meet the huskies of Villmarkssenter means money well spent!

Considering you’ll be enjoying a full day activity that includes a guide, lunch and hot coffee or tea, the price tag really isn’t that bad. Not only that, but it includes roundtrip transportation.

The price tag is comparable to many of the other activities you’ll find in Tromso such as silent whale watching.

Are there bathrooms at Villmarkssenter?

Rest assured, there are clean and well-maintained bathrooms available for visitors to use.

Before embarking on your hike, I’d highly recommended taking advantage of these!

Once you set off on your adventure with the huskies, you won’t have another great opportunity until you finish your hike.

Other important things to know when visiting Villmarkssenter

Firstly, if you’re looking to take home a unique souvenir to memorialize your husky hike, you’ll be pleased to know that the Villmarkssenter has a souvenir shop on-site.

They accept credit cards for payment and you’ll find tons of husky and reindeer related souvenirs to choose from.

A snow covered husky during a hike in Tromso Norway
These dogs are built for this climate and love getting out in the snow

In case you were wondering, all of the activity guides are English speaking. You won’t have any issues understanding the instructions or information they provide along the way.

If you had any doubts, the huskies at Villmarkssenter are extremely friendly and love getting pets and hugs from visitors. This makes the experience even more special, as you’ll have the opportunity to love on the dogs during your activity.

While the hike isn’t too difficult, the presence of a husky pulling some of your weight makes it even more manageable. Just be sure to watch your footing, as you may encounter patches of ice or small stream crossings along the way.

I mentioned it earlier in this post, but I also want to reiterate that you can’t visit Villmarkssenter on your own. You must visit as part of a pre-booked activity.

Check out these activities available in the Tromso area

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Is the husky hike with Villmarkssenter in Tromso worth it?

After enjoying a husky hike at Villmarkssenter in Tromso, I can confidently say that this experience is absolutely worth it. The opportunity to trek across Arctic landscapes combined with the fun of having a husky attached to your hip was such a unique activity.

Group of hikers with huskies outside of Tromso, Norway
If you visit during November you’ll also enjoy quite a bit of Arctic twilight during your hike

The husky hike was so much fun that I would love to come back to Villmarkssenter to experience it during the summer season or even try out their dogsledding activities. 

It would be so much fun to come back and take Sjakk on another adventure or hang out with her during an Aurora experience!

While dogsledding looks like a thrilling adventure, the husky hike provides a more intimate experience for dog lovers, allowing you to connect with the dogs on a deeper level that you aren’t afforded during dogsledding.

Alaskan husky portrait at sunset in Tromso Norway
The huskies of Villmarkssenter are so photogenic!

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or simply a dog lover, this activity offers a unique opportunity to connect with these amazing animals and appreciate the beauty of the Arctic wilderness. 

If you’re interested in booking, head on over to Villmarkssenter’s website to check on what’s available. I’ve also put together guides covering my favorite cheap flight hacks and how to plan a trip abroad which could come in handy as you plan your trip to Norway.

For anyone looking to fill out their Tromso travel itinerary be sure to check out the silent whale watching safari offered by Brim Explorer. We saw a dozen Orcas and even Humpback whales during that adventure and it was a big highlight from our trip.

Thanks for reading my blog post, and I hope you have a fantastic time on your own husky hike adventure!

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