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Hobbitenango Guatemala (Hobbit Themed Eco Park)

A hobbit themed eco fun park in the middle of Guatemala? Yes please! If you’re in search of the infamous Hobbitenango hand then you’re in the right place.

Part of what makes Hobbitenango Guatemala so charming isn’t just that it feels like a chapter from a Lord of the Rings novel, but that it really feeds off the energy from the volcanoes that surround it.

This also happens to be one of the best areas around Antigua to take in a Guatemalan sunset. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot Volcan Fuego erupting after dusk.

In this post we’ll discuss why you should consider visiting Hobbitenango and everything that you should know before you go!

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What to expect when visiting Hobbitenango Guatemala

Full disclosure, I wasn’t completely sold on what this was before visiting. I was afraid it was going to be little more than an over-hyped tourist trap.

Fortunately, I was wrong!

Not only is this place popular with tourists (for good reason) but it’s also a favorite among locals.

It’s also super convenient for those staying in Antigua. The park is roughly a 30 minute drive from town.

Not sure how to get there? Typically Hobbitenango has a shuttle running from Antigua to the park but I would confirm times with them directly beforehand.

Man drinking a beer during sunset at Hobbitenango GuatemalaPin
Enjoying a beer at Hobbitenango during sunset

I was actually disappointed that I hadn’t budgeted more time to enjoy the area. We ended up booking an Antigua ATV experience with Simoon Tours which included a 2-3 hour stop here. If we had more time available on our trip I would have loved to come back here for a full afternoon.

I could’ve easily spent a couple hours here soaking up a few beers while watching the sunset over the mountains and volcanoes. Speaking of which, I’d highly recommend timing your visit here so you can enjoy the sunset, it’s spectacular.

The views from Hobbitenango alone completely justify the visit. After all, this is an eco park!

What is there to do at Hobbitenango Guatemala

Now let’s go over what type of activities you can expect to find here.

For starters, no visit here is complete without stopping to take a photograph on the Hobbitenango hand.

Couple visiting the Hobbitenango hand of Antigua GuatemalaPin
Be sure to snap a photo on the Hobbitenango hand!

Be mindful that the Hobbitenango Hand is a popular area of the park so don’t be surprised if you have to wait your turn for a photo.

During our visit there was an attendant nearby to help take photos and ensure the line of visitors kept moving.

If your timing works out try having your photo taken here during sunset!

Another activity you won’t want to miss out on is the giant swing.

Rope swing at Hobbitenango of Antigua GuatemalaPin
Are you feeling adventurous enough to attempt the giant rope swing?

What cooler way to enjoy the location than to see how high you can fly when you’re already at an elevation of 2500 meters?!

The backdrop for your experience is pretty epic, with prominent views of Volcan de Agua dominating the skyline behind you.

Once you’ve had your fill of the giant swing head back down to the bar for a cold cocktail.

While I always recommend having plenty of cash handy when traveling abroad, credit cards are accepted here.

Bar at Hobbitenango Antigua GuatemalaPin
The bar decor at Hobbitenango doesn’t disappoint!

The bar here really blew me away. They had a great selection of local craft beers and a very well stocked bar.

Not only that but the ambiance in this hobbit themed bar is off the charts. From the moment you walk in the circular door you’re gonna love the bar here down till the last drop.

Too short on time to enjoy your drink in the bar? Don’t worry, you can take your Antigua Cerveza with you while you explore the rest of the park!

Man swinging at Hobbitenango during sunsetPin
There’s no shortage of spots to enjoy the incredible views

As you wander through the paths of Hobbitenango you’ll notice an abundance of seating areas, swings and other ways to relax and enjoy the views.

Once you’re done enjoying a cold cerzeva consider trying some of the festival style games located throughout the park.

Hobbitenango offers axe throwing, putt-putt, archery, trails throughout the forest and much more! For a current list of activities and current entrance fees I’d suggest visiting their website for the most up to date information here.

Did you also know that Hobbitenango doubles as a hotel?

That’s right, you can actually book accommodations here! While we only had a few hours to enjoy the park during our trip the idea of waking up here to a Guatemalan sunrise over the volcanoes sounds bucket list worthy.

Man taking photo at Hobbitenango during sunsetPin
The volcanoes and cloud layers make for the perfect back drop every where you turn

If your itinerary allows for it consider spending the night here. It will ensure you have enough time to take in the entire park without feeling rushed and it should also line up well with catching a sunrise or sunset.

Check out these activities available in the area

Looking for more ways to fill out your trip itinerary? Be sure to check out the list of activities below from GetYourGuide.

Keep an eye out for Volcan Fuego

Before concluding this guide there’s one more nugget of wisdom I must share.

Whether you’re exploring Hobbitenango or other parts of Antigua always have an idea where Volcan Fuego is situated relative to your location.

After dark it’s not uncommon to witness the volcano erupt in spectacular fashion.

The night we visited we were lucky enough to view a large eruption shortly after dusk. It was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced and it capped off a truly spectacular day!

Fuego Volcano erupting near Antigua GuatemalaPin
Always be on the lookout for an impromptu Volcan Fuego eruption!

So, will you visit the Hobbitenango hand and eco park during your trip to Guatemala? If you’re still looking for other activities to book during your trip to Antigua be sure to check out my Antigua Travel Guide video on YouTube.

That guide will cover all kinds of things to do during your trip such as visiting Cerro De la Cruz, hiking Pacaya Volcano and a cooking experience with Cuscun!

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