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Looking to get in touch? Use the forms below to inquire about group trip reservations or to hire me to plan your next big travel adventure!

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Fill out the form below to apply for one of my group trips! After you submit the form, I'll be in touch to answer any questions you have and to discuss next steps.

Please remember that group trip pricing outlined on this website is based on double occupancy rooms.

If you are a solo traveler or would like to request a single occupancy room, there will be an additional cost to reserve the extra room on your behalf.

Need helping planning your next big adventure? Whether you need assistance finding the perfect hotel or are looking for a fully planned adventure itinerary, I'm here to help!

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You can check out all of my travel advisor service offerings here. You can also submit the form below to get in touch:

Hiring me to plan your next trip is a great way to maximize your limited vacation time. Let me save you the hassle of trip planning while you benefit from my experience planning travels to over 25 different countries!

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I love hearing from readers, so drop a comment on a post or shoot me a DM with any travel related questions that you've got. I always respond!

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I publish highlights from all my adventures to my channel. It's a great way to find inspiration for your next trip and along the way I'll drop tons of useful tips to plan your visit to the destinations I cover.

If you're interested in learning about why I started this blog, head over to my about page. You'll learn all about my story, how I got into blogging and tips for using this travel blog.

I love receiving travel related questions and I encourage you to reach out if something I wrote about caught your interest.

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For business related inquiries please know that I do all of my own SEO research, writing, photography and creative work so I’m not currently looking to outsource any of these areas.

While it could change down the road, I’m not currently accepting guest blog posts on my site.

If you came across an error in one of my posts or something that has changed since my last visit, I greatly appreciate you reaching out to let me know! 

For any YouTube related questions or inquiry I’d recommend leaving a comment directly on the video you’re referencing.

I’m responsive to email ( and social media messages across my various channels (try my Instagram first). Either way is a great option to get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

You can also get in touch with me through my Fora Travel advisor portal on their website if you’re seeking travel advisory services.

Thanks for dropping in!

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